23 Apr 2011

My house in Italy

so here some snap .... on my home ...in Mogliano Veneto

Tagliatelle  and risotto porcini  Sara my sis cook

A day in country side is always something that i wish to every one; good wine, good food and lot of memory ........ that i  can be just explain with picture ,,,,Enjoy ,

Enrico one of my father veal..


Risotto milanese

 The risotto Milanese : It is all born from a mistake of using the saffron into the risotto stew , instead of using for painting ,,,, but what a good mistake

Salami , Michieletto production

use.. to work before

those are good roast ,...

This is  fresh salami

Polenta, Speck, and Radicchio

grill radicchio di Treviso
Conserva of tomato

the river passing near

If u know me u know the red shoes

There are ,the recipes, of 100 year old, making the salami , in the small pics of paper ,, papa tresure

Salsicce e pancetta



This call Fugazza is a traditional Ester dessert Picture By Andrea Berti

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