28 Apr 2011

green apple sorbet

Green Apple sorbet

Ingredients for 10 portions:

Green Apple-1):

Gr. 500 of Green Apple
2.5 dl 30 ° b syrup (sugar 1 kg-1)
1.5 dl of water
dl 2 lemon juice
0.5 dl. water Green

2-green water):

100 gr. of leaves
dl. water 0.3


2-green water):

Blend the spinach leaves with water
With the help of wringing a towel in a basin, spinach smoothies
Collects water green in glass jar

Green Apple-1):

Clean leaving skin Green apples
Cut into pieces
Combine water and syrup, lemon juice
Blend everything
Filter with a Chinese strainer to large holes
Correct color with green water pleasure

Finishing and presentation

Put in ice-cream machine
Serve in a crispy waffle
Decorate with fruit, mint leaf and coloured decoration of sugar

To Freeze in Paco jet blast to 30 ° c or less for a night in the freezer

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