27 Apr 2011

Chef table our way ......

I have to admit , it  was a long night with few friends, down the hill ,and maybe too much cider, live music and......... is all because of the Chef table… …. And the Six girls that come with us … me and the Kitchen crew… and the Special one ,,,,,,,,,,,
today super car and Girl party launch


I am , late and in  my kitchen door, there is a note  laminated , stated C.R.A.P    ,..........yes  thank u
i know i look like that %***”
  i forgot....... today  is  where we kick out the cost reduction action plan ...

New sticker all around, but ,since no one, will never use it ,and never brother ...I wonder why they wan  to do that ,and why our manager insist on this .
Well no matter today  it ' gone turn all okay…………… i repeat to my self ,,, is gone be good ....

So here I explain the chef table :
How to have a date at u working place

So in our  restaurant , the kitchen is a  kind of open kitchen (half open kitchen) with big pass , where u can see us and I can see you ....
 Like a well organize military squadron   in the Kitchen,  we the crew , will chose our girl, or girls ,woman target….  ,she must be pretty single and she gone be ours or AKA mine  ,,,,,,,,,,,,
First step , ask hostess to inform us  if any  single girl walking alone , must be bored look , most probably with a book to read, cose she does not have any one today , she must look like she just broke with the boyfriend or just fight …  or a couple of girlfriends o a group… in some case a  “couple”  with wife super active ,half drunk , husband very bored and  not in mood …
Why ask  hostess ??
No one know better that  our hostess : she is a mind reader r, expert in broke relationship , she has a new boyfriend every day, has a million girls confession , a millions girlfriends ………….  And she know what she want ..
So   ….
After found the girl or the Lucky one  ......she  The Hostess will inform us ( we will of course price her with a dessert or what ever alter in the evening )

After she,  ( our girl ) will seat ,  champagne from the bar complimentary ,,, free starter , mostly ,fish, caviar , salmon etc ..,  never be cheap , the waiter will  announce to her  o them that today the chef will take care about , cose they are  in a special table : ;;;;;out of our 20 tables , it never exist one  but yes every one believe it ….
As the starter come in , the  waiter explain and offer the champagne , I will visit to the table ,,,,explain that I will be happy to cook a special meal , starter , first course  ,,,,, i will  tell a bite of story of the season where we are in  , take the order and go back to the kitchen and start to prepare all things,,,,

Lobster with sun dried tomato


During the time i will prepare the food ,the  Hostess will appear again and confess that she very lucky today cose she this things happen so rare( Jagain  , manager also middle of the dinner will also visit to see if she is  ok ….. and before dessert  I will  go to see if all ok…. u need to visit the table few  time, include the manager and the Maitre D .........   U need to make them fell important ..\

a t this point normally 90% of single lady with girl friend , will send a rose to Ir kitchen as gesture of gratitude ( roses are in all our table  ) then i  will serve  dessert chocolate , digestive ,,,,,,,,,,  at this point , sit on the table and have the digestive with them and start long conversation on why the lobster was so special and why the wine is so good and so on ... she will give u the number address and normally the ride home,.....


 dessert a lot girls normally love it ..

Note : if she cannot take alcohol ,or she is really in good mood , most probably half of the dinner I will disappear with her in my office to get back just before main course ,,,,,,,,,, rose will be forgotten ............
Each one of Chef's has his version it depend of mood and Season ::::)

But we where talking of CRAP and Function ??

Super Car Function


Actually here the format , if u need more give a buzz and write me a comment


Area Need to Check                           Action To Be Taken                                       Saving
Cold Section                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Cake display                             Switch on light from 12-3 , 6-11                       Electricity usage                                                                       
All power point in kitchen      Switch off all the time when not in use                  Electricity usage                                                        Example: kitchen aid
Hot Section                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Salamander                     Switch off during 3 to 6 ,switch on when use                      Gas Usage                                                                       
Charbroiler                                 Switch off 1 side during 3 to 6                                 Gas Usage                                                                       
Hot pan                                      Switch off 1 side during 3 to 6                                 Gas Usage                                                                       
Bain Marie                                       Switch off during 3 to 6                             Electricity usage                                                                       
Production Section                                                                                                                                                                                           
Deep fryer                                       Switch off during 3 to 6                                      Gas usage                                                                       
Kitchen Lighting                               Switch off during 3 to 6                             Electricity usage                                                                       
Combi Oven                                    Switch on when needed                             Electricity usage                                                                       
Washing area                              Switch off light during 3 to 6                          Electricity usage                                                                       
Washing machine                            Switch off during 3 to 6                 Water & electricity usage                                                                       

Remarks: Disciplinary action will be taken if any staff didn’t follow this cost saving schedule.
Teamwork ensures SUCCESS

Verified by

Outlet Chef In Charge

leave me a comment i think i still drunk ..

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