24 Apr 2011

i like Eggs cose ,,,, they are remind me when I was poor and I was child

This is ,,, when  I start the  conversation with her ,,,,

And yes is true,,, how many memory  and reality,,,
 Eggs what a  great  food, here is what I have done for u ....

today is Easter, and not need to have many recipe written ,,, i just wan eat ...

Frittata Zucchini Brie , Rucola , caramelize Pear

She is Hungry , With Mushrooms , Potato & ...........

OK can Do

Love warm croissant with gelato,,,, in Italy i have it every day in the morning ,,,,mamma come back...

Frittata Zucchini and Brie ugly version
 Yyayaya this was the first version ,,,,,,,,,,,,, but taste so good

My Italian Dream ,,,

Choc ,,,,, Warm

in Swiss ,, Snaps & Coffe to make u morning go easy
I remember when Young, to have fresh eggs from the nest  , make a hole  and drink it out ... I want go back to my home town ,,,, Thank u Mum for the call today is Easter ,,

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