12 Apr 2011

the meaning of crudo & crudo bar

Last few years ,i  was trying to add more to our menu and so we always come out with new idea, new light appetizer.... Pointing upCrudo where our solution from fish to meat as CarpaccioPlate and other
here u go ;……

Crudo, meaning raw in Italian cuisine, refers to small plates of quality exotic sushi grade fish served with whimsical condiments. with r the highest grade fish and meat to marry them with a balance of fat, acid, spice and salt.
Crudo' in English meaning 'raw', just as the name suggests, serves up only food whether it be meat, fish or vegetables which have not been cooked.
Well a new word of recipe can be created and we will later may give u step to step the execution as i believe recipe are own interpretation in this field

Hamaci or King fish with Punzu



Scallop , rucola, truffles

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