5 Apr 2011

My Belgian chef try to explain, to the Italian Chef a chocolate mousse recipe ….the result is really good try it

A day in the Kitchen..

My Belgian chef try to explain, to the Italian Chef a chocolate mousse recipe ….the result is really good try it ............The way they  wrote, this recipe, to each others, even better ....................

Dark Chocolate mousse
-          Chocolate                            500 gr.
-          Egg yolks                              6 pc.
-          Egg white                            6 pc.
-          Sugar                                     4 spoons
-          Cream                                   1 L.
Melt the fucking chocolate “au bain marie”
Then whip the egg yolk and cream (80%) separately.
Add the egg yolks with the melted chocolate mix and add in the whipped egg white…mix well!
Then add in the whipped cream and gently mix!
Now, since you guys are Italians………please take care of this recipe damn it!
Don’t fucking dare to put whipped sweetened cream with cherry on top of this chocolate mousse or I come and personally kill you guys!

OK! White chocolate mousse
-          White chocolate:                              400gr.
-          Egg white                                            250gr.
-          Sugar                                                     4 spoons
-          Gelatin leaves                                   4pc.
-          Cream                                                   1 L.
Melt the white chocolate “au bain fucking Marie”.
Beat the egg white and slowly add in the sugar, in the meanwhile place your gelatin leaves in water, squeeze them when soft, heat up a pan…remove from the fire when hot and add in the gelatin…so it will melt……. Then add the gelatin with the egg white while the machine is still beating it! Be careful with this one! You actually got to be Belgian to get it right but since we have spent some time together….it might work for you guys….
So make sure the melted gelatin is perfectly brought together with the egg white and sugar!
Then whip the cream to 80%
Mix the melted white chocolate with the egg white mixture …mix well and then add in the whipped cream! Again be gentle while doing this! But since you guys are rough Italians ….am getting worried!

Ok, the best chocolate for this recipe is Callebaut chocolate! And if you guys like it a bit more sweet then add in an extra spoon of sugar but definitely not more than that!
Have fun and enjoy it! u brother, Fratello   Joehry ......

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