3 Apr 2011

Re thinking of the food

I Born in the farm and I leave in the city, I suppose be a farmer but I turn up to just envy them ….
and I always take time to enjoy walk in to the nature and see the real stuff .
It happen every   end of  summer  where the country has a very distinctive perfume of ripe food and vegetable and with it re thinking of the stupidity of people on using product out of season ,,,,
Here some shoot of  Tuscany
At mean,,,, strawberry in a tree star Michelin in December Paris  , and roasted goose in Summer in Padova Italy …………..   Omygod ……….
So I always keep this in my kitchen just to remember the right of nature ,,,,,,,and the freshens of ingredient

And yes,,,, i forget to mention......... i am in love with a apple ,small, cute apple , wild , how could u taste it it and do not love it .....

A real quiet end summer in Tuscany

Shiraz wine grapes
when i see grapes i just remember the fun on make wine with my father and yes the fun of get drunk somentimes now
A  bird

Swan swimming near the river
well we will  have to learn soon how to appreciate the season of food products  and the " slow food "

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