9 Apr 2011

Sex and vanilla

The all Story, started , when a friend told me about to write of Vanilla and so here u are ..

OOO yes here we talk to my favorite things in the world , I use to have a pastry chef,he  was so addicted  to vanilla , that he would not go in holiday with out vanilla .... and yes I do use in the house,  vanilla perfume,  and if a girl will use it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I Will go out of my mind ,,,
So sweet so perverse so intense,,, I love u  vanilla , for me is vanila is  SEX ...... 

I was In Mauritius first  time when I first I see the real plant and the flower ...and I always enjoy it to buy in open market like here where i am in at the moment ...

Vanilla Flower in Mauritius

The story begins with the Aztecs in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (pre 15th century Mexico!) who were thought to have used it in hot chocolate drinks as a flavouring with red pepper and honey. Colombo time when the word suppose to be flat ….
And   I find also that vanilla is no other than the same plant of a orchid .....

the Plant

The ‘Totanic’ were a Native American people in Mexico at the time who were regarded as the best vanilla producers at the time. They were still the main producers right up until the 19th century although vanilla left Mexico’s shores about 500 years ago when it was brought to Europe by the Spanish Conquistadors (vainilla is translated as ‘pod’ in Spanish).

Until the 19th century Mexico had the monopoly on growing the crop but at the beginning of the nineteenth century the Dutch introduced vanilla to Java (Indonesia), a former European colony in the East Indies, and the French did the same in Reunion Island, Mauritius and Madagascar, all located in the Southwest Indian Ocean. Mysteriously though all plants grown in these areas were fruitless, but no one knew exactly why….

Vanilla in Bali is as cheap of 80 USD per Kg and even less


However, in 1841, thanks to a black slave named Edmond Albius who lived in Reunion Island, a method was developed to allow for the pollination to occur manually and suddenly the cultivation of vanilla became widespread in the region. Nowadays, vanilla planters still cannot rely on natural pollinators to fertilize their orchids, they must do the job themselves, a time-consuming and laborious job.

Vanilla fragrance is indigenous to south-eastern Mexico, Guatemala, and other parts of Central America, growing wild as a climber in the forest.

Former French island possessions are now the main producers of vanilla, with the Malagasy Republic as the major producer followed by Indonesia. Mexico still exports some of the spice.
. USA is the largest importer, followed by France and West Germany

Ubut market with Lot of local vanilla in Bali

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