9 Apr 2011

some recipe , have not try

Find this recipe but i do never try any one interest to develope ,, u need some textura ,,,

Study of melon, and duck  

Rock melon cold soup, grappa with smoked prosciutto of duck (rougie)
rock  melon, Ashes goath cheese, almond, olive, Pernod perfume, crouton with goose liver (rougie)

Rock melon cold soup, grappa with smoked prosciutto of duck (rougie)

600 g rock melon
100 ml grappa
150 gm smoke duck rougie
Milk form (for decoration)
Fine herbs and edible flower for decoration (for decoration)
4 mini slice of garlic bread

Take melon peeled and carve wit h the parry spoon 8 small ball .Take out the seed and blend all in a blender , slight seasoning .
Pass in a fine stain, add the grappa and  place in fridge .
Take, duck breast, slice, and place the melon ball and the slice in a bamboo stick , place on top of a small pices of garlic bread crouton .
Served the cold soup in a small glass espresso cup with milk form ( the evaporated milk  from the cappuccino cream foam ) the crouton and the kebabs bear buy .
Decorated with the herbs, flower , and balsamic reduction pipe .

Balsamic reduction
300 ml balsamic vinaigrette
200 gm sugar

Caramelize sugar in a pan, add the balsamic and reduce until thick , seasoning .

Water melon, feta cheese, almond olive, Pernod perfume, crouton with duck liver terrine (rougie)

Pernod perfume
120 ml almond oil  
30 ml Pernod
20 g red vinaigrette
2 g anise

In a perfume bottle mix ingredients and leave for a day before to spay as a dressing.

 For the preparation:
300 g water melon
100 g ashes goat cheese
50 g Kalamata olive with out seed (chopped )
20 g almond flakes
12  thin slice of pain brioche cut round shape 2 mm
100 g of rougie goose liver
Fine herbs and edible flower
60 g of fresh mini salad
Pernod perfume

Cut the water melon in cube, triangle, place in a plate, and topped with the cube of feta cheese, the olive paste, the almond and decorated with edible flower.
At the side prepare the crouton, toasted, cut the terrine same size, and form a mille foille
Served all in the plate with a micro salad and the spray dressing.( spray on the serving time )

Roasted lamb with the warm beans salad and autumn shrooms

Warm beans salad:
50 g fava beans
50 g green lentil
50 g borlotti beans
50 g canellini beans
Sea salt
Extra virgin olive oil

Pelled the fava beans and boil in salted water , keep at the side .  Take the beans in different pan to boil with water and keep at the side (  al  beans have to be already left in the water a day before ) , do no use salt on the water .
Place the beans in a ball, dressed with extra virgin olive oil , balsamic vinaigrette , sea salt and pepper .

Autumn mushrooms:
300 gm Chanterelle fresh
200 g Bleu foot Mushrooms
10 gm unsalted butter
20 gm fresh sage
Salt and pepper
30 g Choped onion

Clean mushrooms and chook in the clarified butter with the sage , add just seasoning .

Garlic foarm
200 g garlic
300 ml milk
100 g butter
Salt pepper
10 gm cumin

Take garlic, blanch in some salt water, take out and remove the inside root ,
A part boil the milk, add the garlic and some rosemary for infuse for five minutes, take out and add the butter . Add just seasoning.
With a hand blander whipped the form and keep the side .Each time you serve sprinkle the form with the cumin powder to give some color .

Lamb juice
300 gm lamb dark juice
200 gm Red wine
20 gm Black broken truffle
Clarified butter
2 gm Cumin
1 gm Fennel seed
Corn starch some

Reduce the lamb stock with the rest of ingredient, seasoning , add some broken truffle inside ( the color have to be dark )

For the Lamb;
1000 g lamb rank
50 g truffle
Lamb juice
Salad of beans
Autumn Shrooms
Lamb juice
Garlic cumin form
Lavender flower for decoration

Prepare clean the lamb rack with the bone, seasoning and place in a ho t oven for the  15 minutes or the at 180*.
Make sure you cover the bone with the aluminum foil to prevent to burn.
Place the salad beans in a plate, the shrooms , pour in a street line the sauce and served with the rack of lamb on top, slice the fresh truffle around , put some sea salt and ground pepper ,
Dressed the lamb with some garlic cumin form and lavender flower.

Early grey tea and chocolate dome with coconut sorbet and berries.

Chocolate mousse
80 gm milk
80 gm cream
12 gm sugar
32 g egg yolk
2 g gelatin sheet
320 g milk chocolate
430 g whipped cream

Make a custard using the milk, the cream , the sugar and pour the eggs yolk . > them add the gelatine (soaked and drained ) and pour over the  melted chocolate . Fouled the whipped cream (still soft) into the mixture

Chocolate Cremeux

190 g cream
190 g milk
24 g Early grey tea
95 g sugar \125 g eggs yolk
4 g gelatine leave
410 g 70 % dark chocolate

Bring the cream , milk and the tea to boil , let the infuse for one hour . Strain mixture , make custard with the sugar and eggs yolk . add gelatin ( soaked and drained ) to the mixture and pour on top of the grated chocolate .

90 g milk chocolate
230 g praline
107 g paillete feuilletiene

Melted chocolate. Add praline then the fuillletine

400 g butter
320 g sugar
128 g glucose
320 sugar
128 g glucose
320g eggs
225 g 58%dark chocolate
160 g flour
32g cocoa powder
16 gm chopped walnuts
160 g whole pecan nut

Combine butter sugar and glucose, add eggs one by one, and fold the melted chocolate Add flour, the cocoa powder and chopped walnuts.
Spread the mixture in the silpad, bake in the oven 180 * for 1 minute.
When cooked, take out and cool down,
Cover the Brownies with 5 mm thick layer of croquant. Cut in disk form 70 mm. Place in fridge.

Chocolate icing
290 water
360 g sugar
120 g cocoa butter
240 cream
13 g gelatine sheet

Bring water, sugar, cocoa powder and the cream to the boil .Add gelatine and strained.

Coconut sorbet
360 g sugar
320 g water
Powder glucose
1600g coconut puree’
224 g Malibu liquor
80 gm grated coconut roasted

Bring the sugar, water and glucose to boil .Take off and add the coconut puree’ . Let cool down and add the Malibu.
Place the mixture in a fridge, them when is ready pour in a sorbet machine .When the sorbet is ready foaled in the grated coconut

 To assembly the dome:
Pipe the chocolate cremeux into the flexi pan  , until 3 /4 of the capacity . Put in freezer for 5 minute .pipe chocolate mousse on top of the cremeux. Close whit the brownies , placing the croquant facing down ,toward the mousse . Freeze.
Glaze the dome with the chocolate icing, then place in a plate accompany by the coconut sorbet and fruit berry  for the decoration

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