5 Apr 2011

Spring time with wild herbs and Risotti in Veneto With Chef Crisitan Doria and Andrea Berti

Carletti Herbs Risotto by Cristian  Doria 

Carletti herbs

Onion, Carletti and the Risotto

This is one short  note of this Venetian recipes , scipoeti or carletti

The sciopeti or carletti, that grass is our national language called strigolo [Silene inflata] and whose flowers from children we mashed with violence on the back of the hand making them, in fact, burst.

Map of Cariofillacee, is commonly called verzùlì or sciopeti. It's great in the kitchen for the preparation of risotto, soups and fillings, excellent match with Morels.
Collection period: spring

Bruscandoli  risotto by Andrea Berti


Risotto con bruscandoli

This is one is  dedicated to Treviso Speciality , the bruscandoli.

They are called bruscandoli spontaneous revenues of hops (Humulus lupulus). Plant enveloping, uncultivated form entanglements in the Woods and impassable grows to 5 or 6 metres per year.
Are useful in the kitchen, for their delicate flavor, cultivated vegetative quotes in spring (bruscandoli) for omelets, soups and other uses.
Collection period: spring.
Hops (Humulus lupulus, l. 1753) is a flowering plant (Angiosperm), such as hemp (Cannabis Sp.), the family Cannabaceae. order of Urticali.

In the kitchen the Jets apical plant wild hops (aspargina in Lombardy, Piedmont, luvertìn lavertìn in Monferrato, luperi in Umbria, bruscandolo or vidisone vartìs in Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, bruscandolo, urtizon, Trieste in Friuli, in the Val di Vara bertüçiviticedda in Cilento), are collected in the spring (March-May) and used as the most common asparagus (sometimes mistakenly called "wild asparagus").
Note that, unlike most buds used for culinary use, wild hops jets are the tastiest as are big. You can also pick up the latest 20 cm of the plant and boil for 5-10 minutes, season with oil, salt and lemon. Tasty in risottos, omelettes and soup.
Hops is mostly used in beer production process, where the important role of giving the most common beer, bitter taste, and aroma

And also we can talk about two others herbs use in risotto , soup , minestre and infinity of specialty

let's talk about Radicci de Can or Pissacan.

The taràssaco is a common flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.
The specific epithet indicates medicinal virtues, known since antiquity and exploited by the use of its roots and leaves.
It is commonly also known as Dandelion and shower head, or even with the crippling of the name in taràssacco.
One common name Dandelion is also piscialetto (in pìsacàn) for children is usually narrated that whoever grasps the wet the bed at night, hence the name.

In the culinary arts was (and is) a popular salad spring purification, both alone and in mixtures. In Piedmont, where it is called "girasole", it is tradition to consume it with boiled eggs during the picnics on Easter Monday.
The petals of the flowers can help give flavor and color to salads. The buds are visible if prepared in oil. You can prepare the flowers in batter and then deep frying. The basal rosettes keep can consume with satisfaction both boiled and then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sauteed with garlic (or even better with garlic).

Radici de can

 And  ROSOLINE or poppies.

Rosolaccio, Rosolina, wild poppy.

Flower that preserves – for millennial-the magic of oblivion,( without the excesses of his brother), the poppy was used since the dawn of civilization. Plant dedicated to the great goddess: patroness of life as well as the goddess of death, ensured through its flower, revival, awakening from sleep.

The poppy grows as a weed of fields generally among the rubble, and uncultured and margins in the streets.

the leaves are harvested before flowering, when they are small and keep it in rosetta. Are consumed in soups or cooked like spinach.


oooh another picture by doria ......... Spring time

By Andrea Doria

Green fava with Pecorino , typical of Roma spring , and crostata with strawberry

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