30 Apr 2011

Today we cook,another day in picture

So the real fun is to  be in the kitchen ,
and when our chef is a photographer .. … here the result
thank u Roslan   

Winter melon Soup with the ingredients

Crudo of king fish with Green jalapeno

fresh pasta

Pick Up Area

Small Knife one of best chefs friend

Orechiette , Vongole

Sautee" the pasta

and Plate it in a warm plate

Deep Fried baby Duck a the cutter station

missen an place

where is the service staff

Chinese Chicken Double boil soup

                                                                      Peking Duck,

U cut like that

                                         Pan Cake , Cucumbers, Spring onion , Plum sauce, plus only the skin will do ,,,

only the skin , the rest will be prepare in noodle and as roast

first plum sauce , roast duck ,

spring onion and o cucumbers if u like

ready to eat , mangiare
More to come in the next .......

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