23 Apr 2011

A tribute to Japan our way ,...

Ok I know we was silence for few days ,.. so here  we are ,,,

Here with a tribute to Japan , in earth day , a very touching situation to  Japan that has give us a lot and will give us   more ......
Here is what we come out today …. just a small thighs that represent.... a lot …
ok sushi should not have pickled , yakitori is also with miso ,,,,,  enjoy the picture….

7 tips Sushi and maki with home made ginger and fresh wasabe

Japanise rice

 O Toro, Ebi , Salmon , hamaci , toro , salomon belly

fat OOO toro

sashimi platter


Carot Flower

yakitori with sea salt


Beef Tougue , vegie , scallop , Chic wings ,Fish


Real charcol

hot ..

Well so if u like let me a message and the recipe will be coming soon,,,,,

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